Unity Guest Speaker

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I am pleased to announce that Josh Naylor, one of our lovely and accomplished alumni, is going to be making a guest appearance. He will be talking a little bit about what he does at Unity, will be able to offer career advice, and he will also be talking tech, such as how to prototype in Unity. The latter of course will be particularly useful in a game jam context. Speaking of game jams, I hear that there is quite a good one coming up. http://threethinggame.com/post/2018-03-18-may-the-fourth/

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Announcing Midichlorians!

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As a precursor to the usual more elaborate announcement, I would like you to save the date: put it in your calendars, start your Pavlovian juices flowing, and get psyched!

May the 4th be with you, and with us all… is the date for the next Three Thing Game. At least that is when it starts. As usual it will last for 24 hours, concluding on Saturday 5th.