The Thingmaster Event Results

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How did it all go? Quite well I think. There were around 40 people taking part overall which made for quite a nice jam environment. It was great to see teams across all levels of our School of Computer Science, from Certificate stage all the way up to MSc level.

Predominantly, the teams were based on site and it was great to see some of our alumni return to take part too. Those included a dev team from our sponsors, VISR (, who came, made games, and brought pizza, which is always nice. VISR is a (very) local employer founded by one of our former students and is a great graduate destination for many of our graduating students.

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On Sunday we all gathered an celebrated everyone’s efforts as each team presented their creations. Everybody had achieved something that they should be proud of, even if it didn’t always go to plan.

You can check out all the games here:

People’s Choice

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Our People’s Choice winners this time were the Pilk team. They were quite unique amongst the teams this time as they shunned Unity engine in favour of the classic Monogame. Their charming game “Camel Rancher” combined several gameplay mechanics incorporating their things: camels, north pole, and holly. The results page of the People’s Choice vote is here:

Next time

Three Thing Game will be back, but if you need to satisfy your thirst for game jams before then, we will be hosting a local site for the Global Game Jam in February.