Three Thing's Comin'

A new music cover to entice the masses to Three Thing Game. This is for the 6th and 7th April 2019 event

Inspired by Will Smith’s Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head) from the Men in Black 2 soundtrack.

Lyrics below:
1 Code, Code on.
2 Code on, Code, Code on Three Thing Game
3 Three Thing’s Comin
4 Three Thing’s Comin
5 It’s Comin, It’s Comin, It’s Comin, It’s Comin

6 Preceded by our fame, we came
7 Bringing again, another Three Thing Game, it’s
8 Never the same.
9 No, it’s fabulous
10 And you simply must
11 Form a team and just, having a go’s a plus
12 Be a star,
13 Extra-curricular
14 With this on your CV, you’re sure to go far
15 Seeking employment
16 Good for paying your rent
17 Taking part helps you discover the source of pure enjoyment
18 Write code, or make art, compose tunes
19 Craft sounds, whatever you want to
20 Work together and
21 Just like you planned
22 Create games for this excellent Jam
23 Now you understand
24 And you’re showing it to all your friends
25 Magnificent, And you know the fun will never end
26 Different, You know that I can recommend
27 The Three Thing Game is back so you should come on and

28 (Register! Cause Three Thing’s comin)
29 No excuse so (Register! Cause Three Thing’s comin)
30 Right now, you just gotta (Register! Cause Three Thing’s comin)
31 Like this, Let me see you signin’ up, register, come on!
32 (Register! Cause Three Thing’s comin)
33 Come on now and (Register! Cause Three Thing’s comin)
34 Don’t wait, it is worth it (Register! Cause Three Thing’s comin)
35 Come on (Register!)