Rubberband Results

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The November 2019 Three Thing Game has finished with more great games being made.

An account of the event follows.

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Many thanks again to StyleTech (a local employer of our students) who bought us all some pizza, which is nice.

We tried a bit of an experiment with the competition aspect this time around. Rather than having explicit judging by a panel of roving judges we instead had all of the teams present their games to everyone else. A sort of celebration of everyone’s achievements and experience over the weekend. I rather liked it.

That session also facilitated the remaining competitive element where everyone was able to rate everyone else’s games via the submissions.

People’s Choice

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The ratings mechanism remained open for a week after the event with a total of 57 ratings being made.

Slightly awkwardly, Pixel Cats by Spooky Elephant (my own team), was the highest rated game. It combined a number of elements including an Arduino powered pixel display (more details here:

In the interests of propriety, we will move to the next ranked entry (very close behind) was the Parse(Nips); with their game Double Booked. This continues a very successful run for them having placed top in previous events. Congratulations to them, and please can they get in touch to collect some prize t-shirts. Their game was a rythym style game similar to the likes of Guitar Hero with some nice novelties thrown in. They even had a level editor. You can actually have a go through the powers of Unity and WebGL at their Itch site (

There is more than that though. We used the platform to manage the People’s Choice vote and leave a showcase of the magnificent games that were made. It is worth checking them all out, and you can do that here (

Next time

The next Three Thing Game will be around March 2020 (dates pending). I can’t wait!