The Three Thing Game

A new music cover to entice the masses to Three Thing Game. This is for the 3rd and 4th November 2018 event.

Inspired by (and borrowing from) The Other Side - from the Greatest Showman soundtrack.


You may, have heard, So now go spread the word, That Three Thing Game is coming and it’s awesome.

Now come along, like rats to Hamlyn’s song, Seduced by pizza and the chance to have fun.

So take your Three Things now, and then maybe, somehow, Create a game that fascinates the players.

Maybe you’ll use Unity, or Monogame like me, Or perhaps you’ll use Unreaaal.

Game jams represent a way, to interview and have something to say, ‘Cause it’s not on your course, other candidates are not the same, So you should do the Three Thing Game.

Sure you could give it a miss, But there’s nothing like this, So take the leap and you’ll start to feel the bliss, Oh damn, you’ll see that it isn’t lame, We’re going to the Three Thing Game

There can be no more excuse (Do the Three Thing Game) You’re just gonna have to (Do the Three Thing Game) I think that you all have to do the Three Thing Game So welcome to the Three Thing Game.